The cyber security landscape is a continuously evolving one. Complex hacking techniques are deployed by a variety of actors ranging from lone-wolves to state-sponsored teams. In a quagmire of threats that keep getting more and more complex, organisations find themselves incapable of closing the security gap between their capabilities and those of the attackers. Money is lost, reputations are hurt, businesses are damaged.

We, at GDS, face such threats and combat them on daily basis. Our security teams know how to outsmart the adversary. We rely on advanced tools to respond to known and unknown threats. Threat intelligence sources are harnessed to enhance our response and readiness capabilities.

Our security teams hone their skills on protecting the core of our business. Their capabilities are unmatched by traditional security organisations who only rely on occasional exposure to threats. We believe that this is what makes a difference and allows us to provide you with best in class security services. Our managed security portfolio addresses your various requirements, from managing logs, deploying simple EPP or EDR up to more complex services such as SIEM and SOAR. Regardless of the service that fits your need, we commit to protecting your business.


Operating telecom networks since 1996, GDS has always provided its customers a seamless protection solution and uninterrupted service being at the frontline of Cyber Defense. With the penetration testing service, GDS is putting at the disposal of its customers the same techniques and expertise used to assess the resilience of its own network.


  • Understand your requirements through a technical meeting to determine the penetration test scope.
  • Present a proposal based on the information gathered from the requirements stage.
  • Perform the penetration testing remotely or on-site and coordinate with you during the process execution.
  • Provide a detailed report of the findings and rating the discovered vulnerabilities including general recommendations.


  • Prevent breaches by assessing the existing vulnerabilities in the pentest target.
  • Provide compliance in case it is required as part of a regulatory environment.
  • Assess the performance of existing security controls.
  • Assess the security of applications and systems.
  • Assess the security team’s operational response (performance) to incidents.
  • Get an overall score on your security stance.


  • Discover risks before they affect your business.
  • Validate security procedures and security team response protocols.
  • Improve security awareness.
  • Assess the security of applications and systems.
  • Optimize investment in Cyber Security by focusing on the weaknesses.
  • Identify vulnerabilities that are impossible to detect through automated security systems.


  • Web application
  • Mobile application
  • Infrastructure
  • WiFi Network
  • Embedded devices & IOT
  • Dedicated Hardware
  • Servers
  • Database

Security Assessment Penetration Testing

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