The surge in internet, intranet and extranet technologies is convenient for connecting to a standards-based protocol network to transmit data or access applications.
The widespread adoption of these technologies has also exposed security threats – and the ability to eavesdrop, impersonate, infiltrate networks and distribute computer viruses. To detect and mitigate these risks, firewalls and unified threat management devices have become an important part of any corporate security program – and should be identified as the foundation of internetwork security.

GDS Managed Firewall Service offers a highly functional layer of security to your networks.

The service includes all hardware and software components, configuration, installation, day to day management and maintenance, and expert customer support and proactive network monitoring.

In addition, the GDS Managed Firewall Service provides 24/7/365 reliable, cost-effective installation, configuration, monitoring and management of firewalls.

Managed Firewall Service
Managed Firewall Service
Managed Firewall Service


  • Stateful inspection
  • DMZ support
  • High availability configurations
  • Client-to-site and site-to-site VPN connectivity options
  • UTM options (intrusion prevention, antivirus, antispam and web filtering)
  • Security reporting
  • Provides a secured environment to companies who need to support an unlimited number of concurrent user sessions


  • Increases security of your internet, intranet and extranet environments
  • Provides a fully managed end-to-end solution
  • Reduces capital investments, staffing and maintenance expenses
  • Reduces difficulty associated with managing your IP network firewall security solution
  • Allows for customization of security policies – and defines different levels of security for various users and applications
  • Uses industry leading hardware and software with proven and reliable technology

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