In a continuous effort to make internet connections more available and accessible to every end user, GDS has become a pioneer in deploying Fiber Optics; a technology that grants its customers the chance to exchange information more reliably and with better signal quality.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is a national project that comes in favor of both residential and corporate clients who require faster internet connections, typically 5–10 times faster than conventional DSL broadband. Residential clients can reach speeds up to 300 Mbps while corporate users can benefit from speeds that could reach 10 Gbps.

With these unprecedented speeds, all customers can seamlessly perform tasks like telecommuting, video-conferencing, uploading and downloading photos and videos; connect faster to the cloud and more.

By switching from DSL to Fiber, they will benefit from uninterrupted internet services that are not susceptible to nearby electrical interference and less subject to distance attenuation since they use light signals for data transmission, thus offering the following benefits:

Ultra High Speed Internet Connection reaching 300 Mbps for downloads and allowing uploads up to 30Mbps.

Wider and Stable Reach because whether your home is close to or distant from the Central Office, you will always enjoy the same quality of connection.

Stronger Security as it is almost impossible to tap into fiber cables, while corporate customers benefit from a dedicated fiber cable each.

Higher Reliability since fiber is much less affected by distance attenuation, cable quality and interference.

Minimal Connection Latency essential for Online Gaming and Video Chat.

The service is now available in some zones in Hamra and Achrafieh. New areas will be announced soon. You can refer to the coverage map below
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