Managed CPE Service

Managing a telecommunications network is a heavy responsibility to shoulder. Constantly monitoring the network status too often means that talented IT employees spend less time focusing on other core projects. That is why the GDS Managed CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) Service was created. This service helps maximize customers’ WAN availability, performance, and efficiency without distracting IT resources

The biggest advantage of the GDS Managed CPE Service is that it provides turnkey management of the WAN routers, including installation, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting. By opting for this service, customers benefit from a fully outsourced solution that extends the equipment, network management and telecommunications expertise of GDS directly to their premises.

In addition, the GDS Managed CPE Service provides 24/7/365 reliable, cost-effective installation, configuration, monitoring, and management of CPEs.


  • Installation of CPE hardware and Operating System
  • Configuration of CPE to defined functionality
  • Modification of configuration
  • CPE Operating System maintenance
  • Backup of CPE configuration
    Predict network cost and problem areas to prevent unnecessary upgrades, reduce network outages, improve response, and repair times in the event that an outage occurs. Through this service, GDS helps customers to:
  • Address lack/shortage of internal skills/resources
  • Reduce network operations costs
  • Refocus resources on core business

Hosted Video Service

With GDS Hosted Video Service, the GDS-NOC team of experts manages from start to finish all critical multiparty videoconferences in the cloud. This service allows customers to use any compatible endpoint on any network to collaborate over video with colleagues, customers and partners while benefiting from a guaranteed high-quality experience every time.

The GDS Hosted Video Service is designed to connect video users around world whether they are using immersive telepresence, conference room, desktop, or mobile devices. Customers registered to GDS Hosted Video Services can get access to a full suite of cloud-hosted video services, including managed conferencing and webcasting.

  • Point-to-point and multi-point video calls
  • High-definition video quality experience
  • Desktop sharing/ file transfer/slide shows
  • On-demand streaming services
  • Call center feature
  • Managed address book
  • Zero infrastructure investment
  • Reduced travel expenses
  • Datacenter-based service availability
  • Proactive management and support
  • Availability of experts (when and where needed)
  • Gaining a competitive edge through easier collaborative work

Managed FIREWALL Service

The surge in Internet, Intranet and Extranet technologies has provided users the convenience of connecting into a standards-based protocol network to transmit data or access applications. The widespread adoption of these technologies has also given rise to security threats and the ability to eavesdrop, impersonate, infiltrate networks and distribute computer viruses. To detect and mitigate these risks, firewalls and unified threat management devices have become an important part of any corporate security program, and should be looked upon as the foundation of internetwork security.

GDS Managed Firewall Service provides a highly functional layer of security to your networks. The service is a fully managed solution, which includes all hardware and software components, configuration, installation, day to day management and maintenance, as well as expert customer support and proactive network monitoring.

In addition, the GDS Managed Firewall Service provides 24/7/365 reliable, cost-effective installation, configuration, monitoring, and management of firewalls.


  • Stateful inspection
  • DMZ support
  • High availability configurations
  • Client-to-site and site-to-site VPN connectivity options
  • UTM options (intrusion prevention, antivirus, antispam and web filtering)
  • Security reporting
  • Helps provide a better secured environment to companies who need to support an unlimited number of concurrent user sessions
  • Increases the security of your Internet, intranet and extranet environments
  • Provides a fully managed end-to-end solution
  • Reduces capital investments, staffing and maintenance expenses
  • Reduces complexity associated with managing your IP network firewall security solution
  • Allows to customize security policies and define different levels of security for various users and applications
  • Utilizes industry leading hardware and software with proven and reliable technology

To experience this service first-hand at your workplace, kindly click on the link below for a demonstration: REQUEST A DEMO